Frequently asked questions

What are Flavor Cards?

Flavor cards are thick paper boards, impregnated with natural and artificial flavors. You can use them to add flavor to any chosen dry food product.

How to use Flavor Cards?

It’s simple, just place a flavor card in sealed jar with the product you are flavoring, wait for a while and enjoy a brand new taste!

How do they work?

When the pack is wrapped open, the Flavor Card starts to release it´s flavor

Are Flavor Cards safe to use?

Yes. All the ingredients we use in production of the flavor cards are manufactured in EU, are high quality and certified as food grade. Simply put; we use normal artificial and natural flavors that are generally used in the food industry and are safe to use anyway you want to consume them.

How long can i leave the Flavor Card in contact with my product?

It’s up to you. You can create as strong sensation as you desire. After 6-10 hours, the card has released all it’s flavor.

Can i buy Flavor Cards directly from Frizc?

No. Currently we do not have a webshop.

Where I can buy flavor cards in Finland?

Flavor cards are sold in R-Kiosk´s, K-Group stores and petrol stations, Tokmanni, Lidl and soon also from S-Group stores.

Can is use more than one Flavor Card to increase flavor strength?

Naturally you can. Just watch out for the intensity to grow too strong to handle.

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